02 Distribution


Violeta pays equal attention to strengthening, expanding and enhancing the distribution network just as to the development of a range of products and production technology.

In the basic division, Violeta is engaged in manufacturing, import, distribution and transpor, making the distribution network an extremely important part of strategic planning.

The Group’s business philosophy is based on the effort to make Violeta products available in all retail outlets within the shortest delivery time.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the business units are arranged in such a way that each city and county and each populated area is covered by a distribution network. Distribution centres are located in Bihac, Banja Luka, Jelah, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Vitez, Trebinje and Tomislavgrad, while the central warehouse is situated in Grude. Each branch has its own warehouse from which it supplies its customers with Violeta products and other distribution products we work with on a daily basis. Delivery of the products to the outlets 24 hours upon the order makes Violeta one of the best distributors in BiH.

In the Republic of Croatia, the main distribution centre is located in the economic zone on the east side of the city of Zagreb, namely at the junction of St. Ivan Zelina, where the hygiene products factory is also located. Regional distribution centres are strategically located in 3 cities, Vukovar, Rijeka and Split, from which retail outlets in all parts of Croatia are efficiently and quickly supplied with products.

The Slovenian market obtains supplies from the distribution centre in Ljubljana, where Violeta’s headquarters are located. Customers from the European Union receive Violeta products directly from production, mainly from Zagreb.

Violet has been present at the European Union market for many years, in Croatia through production, and in Slovenia through distribution.