Why work for Violeta?


As much as we continuously invest in developing quality products and production technologies, we invest that much, if not more, in the development and education of our employees.

We offer continuous further training to all our employees through various external and internal educational programs, workshops and trainings.

We gain insight into possible advancements and improvements of standards within the company through periodic employee satisfaction and organizational climate surveys.

As a result of such conduct, according to a survey carried out by the Posao.ba webpage, we are the most wanted employers for many years in terms of the ratings of the public and our employees.

We constantly explore the labor market and cooperate with state and private employment agencies, schools and colleges.

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We provide scholarships and employ best students and offer them the opportunity of student and school practice through education.

Occupational health and safety are very important to us. Therefore, our employees regularly undergo physical checkups and we provided them with unlimited use of the gym.

All employees having a baby receive a one-year supply of our Air Dry diapers and baby wet wipes, and there are various team-building programs that strengthen the team spirit in the company.

If you want to work in a stimulating, active, dynamic atmosphere, if you want to continuously make progress and improve your skills – please fill out our application form.

We look forward to receiving your application and getting to know each other!

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A gym is available to all our employees in Grude, as part of the headquarters.