04 Vita nursing home


Vita Nursing Home provides nursing care and accommodation services to the elderly, persons who cannot take care of their health, social and psychophysical status alone.

The Vita Nursing Home opened its doors in 2012. The home is situated in an idyllic setting of typical Herzegovina. The beautiful landscape of Grude, a small town at the edge of southern Herzegovina, is characterized by its mild Mediterranean climate owing to its proximity to the sea. The park of the nursing home is carefully designed and enriched with lots of greenery while walking paths are adapted for less mobile people.

The concept of living in a home was designed in such a way that there are three small living rooms on each floor in which beneficiaries can socialize, watch TV and play various social games, and in addition, there is a large living room at the ground floor of the home where we, in addition to the gatherings of beneficiaries, welcome guests and various folk groups, choirs and similar.

The home has a multifunctional hall where both cinema and TV screenings can take place. It is also used for communion prayers and the Holy Mass once a week. The home has fourteen single and sixty-four double rooms, and a stationary unit for accommodation of persons in need of enhanced medical care.

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