Our story


From scratch to a regional leader.

What drives us and why we’re doing this?

Violeta, regional leader in the hygiene products market, was founded in 2001. Through dedicated work and investments, we quickly became a symbol of hygiene in these areas. Today, only 19 years after, Violeta employs 1,125 employees and has about 341 vehicles in its own distribution, with 220 different products in the assortment.

Our mission

Our mission is inspired by our customers for whom we create high quality products and services, making their daily lives better and easier.

Our vision

The vision of our future is to become the No. 1 in the region for all the products and services we offer.


In just 2 decades of its existence, Violeta has become a synonym for quality and an integral part of many households. In addition to manufacturing, we are also engaged in export, distribution, retail sale and catering. Our services cover the needs of the youngest and the oldest.