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we create high quality products and services, making everyday life better and easier.

When this is added to corporate social responsibility, it means that we are fulfilling our mission without endangering future generations.
We are committed to the principles of sustainability. We believe that care and environmental protection is a fundamental pillar of the sustainability of our industry, the well-being of our customers and the wider community.

“Zero-waste” initiative

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A good example of our "zero-waste" initiative is a new plant of liquid detergents in Grude, BiH.

After being commissioned in 2015, this plant operates under the closed-circuit principle. We are constaEco-oriented production involves its own water source, solar energy supply and complete efficiency with 0% of wastewater.ntly investing in new machines and modern manufacturing technologies, with the goal of energy-efficient operation, easier identification and elimination of reasons for wasting or excessive energy consumption.

Cruelty free products

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With more than 200 products in the Violeta assortment, an important phase of development and production is testing. We never test on animals.

In Grude, we have our own team of scientists who test all our products. Their mission is not only to make Violeta products comply with all the requirements of the market and regulatory bodies, but to surpass them with our quality to make the customer as satisfied as possible.
Our products are tested in various conditions in order for us to claim with certainty that they are the best. We do not use animals to test our products. We strongly oppose cruelty to animals and do not support product testing on them.

100% renewable sources

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In addition to applying sustainable business to the manufacturing process, our customers and consumers should be more familiarized with the sustainability topic.

That is why we are launching a new product that will best present such an initiative on shelves too.

It is a product that is 100% recyclable by its composition, produced from 100% renewable sources of pulp. But to go one step further in promoting our values, we have designed packaging of 100% recycled dual-use material – first to serve as packaging for recycled toilet paper and then as a garbage bag.

Reducing pollution

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One of the interesting projects we are currently working on is the procurement of electric passenger vehicles.

Salesmen position requires a lot of travel, and purchasing electric vehicles would significantly reduce the detrimental impact caused by internal combustion engines.

Pollution reduction by way of packaging is one of the fundamental projects in Violeta. We are aware of the negative impact the plastics can have on our environment. Therefore, in the upcoming years, we want to find a sustainable solution that will ensure that the amount of plastic resources is reduced, with the goal that one day we completely switch to sustainable and recycled resources.

In short, corporate social responsibility at Violeta involves an entire chain of people, the community, the selection of suppliers and ultimately the final product. Only in this way can we continue to strongly build a culture of sustainability as a real change, not just one trend that is currently being talked about.

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