History and development


The history of Violeta began in 2001 and, in the nineteen years of its existence, it has developed into one of the leading brands of hygiene products.
Production in itself is a challenge, and creating a strong and lasting brand that also implies high product quality is an additional responsibility that we have for our customers and end consumers.
It all started with one production line of dry wipes. The challenging beginnings were an additional incentive for us to offer our customers high-quality products. From the very beginning, we intended to listen to the customers and the market as the best guides, so over the years we have added new products when we came to understand that people want new products.
Today, there are three factories within the Violeta Group – two in Grude (BiH) and one in St. Ivan Zelina near Zagreb.
In 19 years of existence in Violeta we have been opening new production lines and now there are 15 of them.
As our production and offer developed, a need arose for expansion of Violeta’s distribution network and branches. In addition to production in Grude, there are also eight branches throughout BiH, while in Croatia, apart from production, there are four branches and one in Slovenia.
As we created hygienic brands, we focused on growth and development in other industries as well.
In addition to production, the Violeta Group focuses on retail, distribution, export, nursing home, Montessori kindergarten, hotel industry, catering industry and sports centre.