For the innovative packaging of “Dual purpose for a higher purpose” toilet paper, we were awarded bronze in a highly competitive category of Health care products.

Thus, we were among a total of 93 awarded projects from 21 countries. The jury selected the awarded works from more than 14,000 submitted works.

Innovative marketing activities and creative solutions can cross a large number of barriers, and a part of the company’s image certainly depends on them, said Petar Ćorluk, Violeta’s owner.

“Every presentation and development of products is a challenge for us, which we elaborate in detail and communicate with the media at the highest level. Good advertising requires a good background, a quality product, and only then is the job complete. Most companies, both large and small, are aware of the role of marketing and digital tools, but it is important to always be one step ahead and gain and retain consumer attention primarily with good products. ”

“Companies are investing in innovation according to their capabilities. I think domestic companies are increasingly turning to innovation and global trends. As an example, I would mention our new product 100 percent recycled toilet paper packaged in 100 percent recycled packaging that can be used later. But I also see on the example of other larger companies that attention is paid to different products that give added value to consumers “, points out Petar Ćorluka.