In cooperation with the National Program for Early Detection of Colon Cancer, dm drugstores and the advertising agency Saatchi, we want to raise public awareness about the symptoms of colon cancer with our new product.

Prevention and early detection of colon cancer are key, so we have created a product that reminds consumers to self-control and take care of their own health.

This limited edition edition of toilet paper, available exclusively in dm drugstores in Croatia, contains a poster inside the package with which we want to educate the public about the importance of spotting problems on time.

With the product, which is actually a communication campaign, we want to tell our consumers that if colon cancer is detected in time, it can be cured in more than 90% of cases. ”

Emphasizing the importance of promoting health and maintaining it, we hope to proclaim the importance of early detection of cancer.

Colon cancer develops slowly over several years, and by applying early detection methods it can be detected well before the first noticeable signs of the disease appear.

We advise everyone that if you notice blood in the stool or it is softer for more than 20 days, consult your general practitioner.

If colon cancer is detected in time and its treatment is started, it is curable.