This year, as part of socially responsible activities, Violeta joined the campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer by creating and specially designing one of the favorite products of all women – fabric softener.

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women population in the world, but also in our region. Every three minutes, one breast cancer is detected in our planet and it is estimated that in 2020, this malignant disease will be diagnosed in 1.7 million women worldwide, which is an increase in current levels by 26%.

The new Pink Sunshine softener is designed specifically to raise awareness about women’s health and the importance of breast self-control with the final goal of early detection. It is packaged in a pink packaging with a marked pink ribbon, aiming to provide support and awareness that they are not alone on their way to recovery.

Pink Sunshine conquers all women at first smell- with fragrant Mediterranean notes of pineapple, gardenia and green citus, while at the heart of the perfume are aromas of  peach and woody musk. In addition to unique perfume oils, the softener is enriched with fragrant microcapsules that keep the perfume for a long time and provide a long-lasting effect for up to 16 weeks. It is important to emphasize that the capsules are made with patented Japanese technology that is formaldehyde free, which makes these capsules safe to use from a health point of view. This is also an opportunity to educate women that the choice of healthier ingredients in the products we buy is very important, especially when it comes to products that come into contact with the skin through clothing.

Pink Sunshine was developed with the support of Associations from the region that are actively involved in raising women’s awareness of breast cancer, promoting education, early detection, optimal treatment, medical and psychosocial rehabilitation, palliative care and working to increase funding for the fights against disease. Thus, during October, Violeta will donate funds from the sale of each piece of this softener to help the Think Pink Associations from B&H, Europa Donna Croatia, Europa Donna Slovenia and Borka Macedonia.

It’s never too early, take care of your health on time!