Production BH, HR

“Investment in production and continuous search for the innovations: we want new, better and better quality. We create for the buyers. I claim that this is the key of our success with the buyers”

Petar Ćorluka, president of Violeta Board

Bosnia and Herzegovina

VThe corporative decision of Violeta group, from the production start till today, is based on first and main rule: high technology for the best quality. The factories of hygienic products in Grude, B&H and St. Helena next to Zagreb, Croatia are equipped with the newest technology and contain several production lines for the production of wide range of Violeta products.
Thank to careful planning of business and decisions on investment in high technology, Violeta has set completely new regional standards in this segment of hygienic products. After installation of first production lines for production of toilet paper and paper handkerchiefs another correct business decision was made: installation of line for production wet wipes. The line is put in physically completely isolated space inside the factory and it satisfies the highest technological and hygiene standards. It is equipped with the best quality control systems that could be found on the world’s marked at the moment and which guarantee absolute sterile conditions for the production of the wet wipes. The wipes are later on packed and sent to the market. This production line produces cosmetic and refreshing wet wipes. Anti acne wet wipes and peeling wet wipes are only few of invocations in this segment of hygienic products.
Today, Violeta is the absolute leader in the production and sales of wet wipes, kitchen towels, toilet paper, handkerchiefs and serviettes in B&H. In completion of its production assortment and based on the requests of the buyers and market’s needs, Violeta has started with the production of baby diapers with double core and elastic waist band. Considering the needs of modern market, we have developed another innovation – Nigh diaper. By having production line for sanitary napkins and panty shields Violeta completes the assortment of hygienic products
Special attention is given to the research and development of new products. In cooperation with the higher European and world’s companies and their research centers, Violeta develops its products and follows the trends, completely equal to the most advance world’s companies. All raw materials and end products are controlled in its own laboratory. The continuous communication with the consumers enables Violeta to have safe, efficient and maximally adapted to the consumer needs products. Due to that fact Violeta got the reward Superbrands which is given by the satisfied buyers.


The factory in St. Ivan Zelina started with operation in spring 2011 and represents another step in strategic planning of Violeta development. This investment was a logic step for the expansion toward the position of regional leader in the production of hygienic products. The market’s need for Violeta products has initiated the building of technologically newest factory for production of toilet paper and kitchen towels. The facility in Croatia is worth 12 million EUR and is equipped with newest technology which is at the moment the highest in quality and the newest at the word’s market. The predicted annual capacity is around 15 t of paper per year.
The factory in St. Helena produces premium segment of three plies kitchen towels and toilet paper.
By starting this factory Violeta plans to hire around 200 workers in the couple of following years which will do the jobs in the production and distribution of Violeta products in Croatia. The kitchen towels Teta Violeta are extremely fast won the hearts of consumers and today, the sympathetic character of this housewife is one of the most popular characters made by marketing campaign.
The short term plan is to expand the production capacities to produce other Violeta assortment, like baby diapers, handkerchiefs and wet wipes as well as have new products and innovations, also to improve the existing articles in the production assortment.
By opening the factory Violeta got the final confirmation to become regional leader in the industry of hygienic products.