Delegation of prominent Austrian firms visited Violeta

Grude, 16.05. 2013.
On Thursday, May 16th, representatives of seven prominent Austrian companies visited Violeta production facility and the headquarters. The delegation was led by Mr. SigmundNemeti, trading advisor of Austrian Embassy. On the initiative of Mr. Nemeti, the representatives of the companies came for the information about potential investment in this region, since Herzegovina is now in excellent strategic position due to highway under construction in Croatia and port of Ploče. One of the bright examples of Herzegovina success is Violeta, which was visited by Mr. Nemeti with his delegation
Johann Harrer, the representative of the company Ireene Innovative Renewable Energy, which deals with the projects of using solar energy, has paid special attention to the project of new production facility for production of liquid detergents and body care hygienic products, while it is plan to use the solar energy in the factory. “I am pleasantly surprised, especially with premium products, technology and innovations. With its production facilities Violeta can compete in our country,” said Mr. Harrer after the visit.
Representatives of other companies during the meeting with management of Violeta also expressed a desire to cooperate in the project of new production facility, but in all other projects too, which was, in the end the purpose of the visit.Violetawas the direct proof that investments in our region are worthwhile.
„Violeta has special interest for the newest engineering technology in order to maximize the quality of its products, which is very important for our end buyers. This is just one of the examples of the ways we use to increase the standards in our production by following the technological progress in leading countries in Europe and improving the technology in the region”, stated after the meeting Mr. PetarĆorluka, CEO of Violeta.