Violeta donated first insulin pump to the hospital in Tuzla – successful beginning of humanitarian action

Grude, May 08th, 2013 – ON call of Division of Endocrinology of Clinic for Children in Tuzla’s hospital and Association of citizens, parents and friends of children with diabetes “New horizons” from Tuzla, Violeta Group responded with concrete involvement in buying necessary insulin pump for this clinic. These pumps are the newest way in treatment of type 1 diabetes.
“Violeta’s donation of 6000 KM for one insulin pump is of great help in achieving our final goal – purchase of seven such insulin pumps. We would like to use this opportunity to give our thanks to Violeta for this. We hope that this human gesture of Violeta will encourage other entrepreneurs in B&H to participate in this action and contribute to improvement of quality of life of children with diabetes and their families”, said head of division of Endocrinology of Clinic for Children, pediatrician endocrinologist – diabetologist , doc. dr. med. Sc. Alma Toromanović.
Children suffering diabetes in B&H were not given all the opportunities in treating type 1diabetes which exist in developed countries. However, purchase of this insulin pump, with numerous advantages, could change that. Studies have shown that by applying insulin pump one achieves better control of sugar level in blood, greater flexibility in daily activities and meals, better cooperation with adolescents and less pain in treatment mainly due to reduced number of needle using.
Since the very beginning of its operations, 10 years ago till today, Violeta has been actively involved in humanitarian actions which benefit community. Furthermore, numerous similar events were initiated and organized by Violeta itself.
“Participation in community engaged events in the surrounding in which we live and work for us has never been questionable. We respond to all such calls. Violeta group believes that it is their duty and responsibility to be engaged in humanitarian actions, especially in the situations where it is about the most vulnerable population, children”, said EthemNumić, head of Violeta marketing department.