Teta Violeta's Gifts

Last few days were all about gifting, especially for the youngest. Following that, Teta Violeta went readily to the kindergartens with hands full of – diapers!
Tots from 8 kindergartens in total got 3000 diapers which are, we are sure, more than welcome. Kids gladden Teta Violeta with their drawings, dancing and songs. Now, we are not sure anymore who gladdened who there – kids Teta Violeta with lots of laughing and good mood, or vice versa. All visits were marked with joy and play, and we are happy for all future meetings with our small friends; we hope – very soon!

Violeta group pays special attention from the very beginning of the business to the community in which it works. Firstly, we want to show by example to other companies that our obligation is to return the goodwill to the community in which we are doing business by numerous actions we have supported so far, but also by the ones we initiated and organized by ourselves.
Dedication to the youngest is our mission – they are our future. Therefore, we do not limit the time of gifting only to Christmas and New Year holidays; we try actively participating in deeds all year long.