Ambassador of Austria visiting Violeta at Grude

Today the Austrian ambassador, his Excellency Martin Pammer, visited Violeta. Mr. Pammer visited the new plant together with Mr. Petar Ćorluka, CEO of Violeta, and learned about the production and testing of diapers for children, liquid detergents and fabric softeners. On this occasion he ascertained the high standard of business activities and production, and one of the discussion topics was the cooperation of Austrian Spar with Violeta.

The Austrian Spar and Violeta agreed to place Violeta’s products on Spar shelves with the beginning of April. In this way Violeta became the first brand from this area on the Austrian market within the non-food category.

Finally Mr. Pammer emphasized he was positively surprised with everything he saw in the factory, he thinks that this is a huge contribution to the Bosnian-Herzegovinian society and that it is now essential to create a positive image of Bosnia and Herzegovina in general, of the products produced in this country and he added that this will be the priority task during his mandate.

Violeta has already been present on the European Union market for some years; they have production plants in Croatia, distribution in Slovenia, they are extremely proud of their cooperation with the Croatian and Slovenian Spar, because this for sure influenced the beginning of cooperation with the Austrian Spar.

As Mr. Ćorluka pointed out, this is a great challenge but also an obligation, because there is a lot of competition, consumers are more demanding, but he thinks they have satisfied all criteria on the BiH market, where they have they biggest shares, as well as on the European market, where they are still gaining access. However, they hope for good results. The plan is to expand to the other countries of the region.