Teta Violeta fabric softeners won the prestige Product of the year prize in Slovenia

According to a research of AC Nielsen consumers declared Teta Violeta fabric softeners for the product of the year in Slovenia. Mr. Marko Ćorluka, director of Violeta Slovenia, attended the award presentation ceremony and emphasized the importance of permanent innovations and improvements, which is constantly done within the corporation.

The fabric softener Sensitive was recognized as the best one, because it has been dermatologically tested and it has also been recommended for children’s laundry. The fabric softener Sensitive gives your clothes a light and soft scent of vanilla, white musk and silk. It maintains the fibers and makes clothes soft and fresh for a long time.

The prestige prize Product of the year, according to votes of Slovenian customers, is awarded for the fifth year in succession for 38 FMCG categories, where consumers choose products that had innovations, changes or improvements in the last period. The title Product of the year labels the highest level of consumers’ satisfaction for the producers and their products.

The research and title award are done according to the highest international standards one of the world’s largest research companies AC Nielsen. The main aim of the title is to advise buyers to choose the best products, among a wide range of products on the shop shelves.