New Violeta Water care wipes - care from day one, softness from the first touch and love for the whole life!

Violeta Water Care wipes for a soft protection and care from day one

Baby’s skin is up to 5 times thinner than adults’ skin, there are no developed self-protecting mechanisms, which exist with adults’ skin. Therefor it requires the highest level of cleanliness and safety and our new, softer and tenderer Violeta Water care baby wipes are meant for just such skin.

Water Care wipes contain even 99% water purified by reverse osmosis procedure. Reverse osmosis is a medical process of water filtration, which makes it possible to remove the smallest particles. The osmosis membranes used in this procedure have so tiny holes that only molecules of pure water can pass them. This filtration results in water of highest level of cleanliness, which is used for medical purposes.

Beside water, the other natural component is northern blackberry extract, which protects and strengthens the skin, giving it deep hydration. Northern blackberry contains two times more vitamin C than lemon does; northern blackberry oil is high in omega 3 and omega 6 acids as well as vitamins A and E.