Premiere - Teta Violeta limited edition fabric softeners

On March 2nd 2017, at the Automobile Museum Ferdinand Budicki in Zagreb the new Teta Violeta Limited edition fabric softeners were debuted - Pure Love and Sweet Impulse, recommended by the popular fashion duo ELFS.

The leitmotif of the new ELFS collection is the first ladies’ style, whose appearance incorporates subtleness, formality and elegance. Just such a limited series of Teta Violeta fabric softeners perfectly rounds up the items of the collection, that are, above all, stylish and feminine, like luxury perfumes.

Pure Love and Sweet Impulse fabric softeners are special due to perfume oil in microcapsules. The microcapsules get embedded in textile fibers and make the scent last longer, the scent is released with every body movement. Teta Violeta fabric softeners are produced in cooperation with leading French perfumers and leading world experts for clothing care and they make your washing fragrant, airy and soft.