The first gift - rewarded rhymes 2016

Dear mothers,

we do our best to be with you who are getting familiar with the magic of parenthood from the birth of your first child, or any sequent child, by distributing gift packages to all of you who have brought a child into the world in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Along with every gift package we also deliver a coupon for taking part in “My first gift”, where you can, if you complete it and send it in, win valuable prizes at the beginning of the following year.

As the time has come to summarize last year, in every meaning, and among other things to choose the best rhymes from the collected coupons - that is 100 happy winners of Violeta gift packages. It was a very hard job to decide which rhymes are the best, but nevertheless we have chosen the first 15.

They will be rewarded the big Violeta gift package - a jumbo package of diapers, baby wet wipes, mist toilette tissue for children, intimate wet wipes and makeup remover wipes. In addition 85 registered coupons have been awarded with the small Violeta gift package - standard package of diapers and baby wet wipes.

The happy winners will be contacted soon.
Expect our call :)