Friends and donors of the association "Fra Mladen Hrkać"

Last night, 23 November 2016, at the Queen hall of hotel Mepas in Mostar, a donor evening “Let us help together”, organised by the humanitarian association “Fra Malden Hrkać” and friends, took place. The aim is to support the same-named project, whose aim it is to help as many as possible people who come to Zagreb for treatment of their health problems.

All donations will be used for accommodation, boarding, transport and other kinds of help for users, as well as their family members, who are in Zagreb for treatment, far from their home and families.

Representatives of the association awarded thank-you letters to representatives of companies, the major donors of the association. They support the association’s work unselfishly from the very beginning, without their help the association could not ensure the kind of help it offers.

Violeta’s representatives accepted the thank-you letter, happy to be able to support this humanitarian story through its cash and non-cash contribution.