Happy kids at kindergartens throughout BiH

16 September 2016 - To the joy of the youngest, the action of Violeta and Konzum under the slogan “Let’s make children’s life in kindergartens more beautiful” was successful. With every purchase of Violeta Double Care diapers at Konzum money was donated for the decoration and to equip kindergartens in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kids sent their creative video messages or fanciful photographs in, in order to take part and win a prize.

4,500 KM has been collected in the action and this amount has been allotted to the three top works with 1,000 KM each, and three others with 500 KM each. Money was awarded to: Dječji vrtić Sveta obitelj, Sarajevo, Dječji vrtić don Ivica Čondrić, Žepče, Dječji vrtić Miki Maus, Banja Luka, and Vrtić Mašin svijet, Istočno Sarajevo, Dječji vrtić Pčelica, Zenica, Dječji vrtić Bajka, Posušje.

Delighted with the response and the received work from kindergarten, we took the decision to award all participating kindergartens with valuable Violeta gift packages.

Representatives of Violeta and Konzum visited the kindergartens and presented them with valuable prizes.

“ I am very happy and surprised that we were the ones to win the prize. We are happy to have been one of the most creative and I am especially happy for our kids, who did their best. A big thank you to Konzum and Violeta for this action”, said Aleksandra Malević, headmaster of kindergarten Miki Maus from Banja Luka.

Mg.sc. Sister Kata Ostojić, headmaster of Caritas PU Dječji vrtić Sveta Obitelj Sarajevo, also surprised with the prize, said: “Perfect news for us, we are delighted to have won the prize. We did our best making the video, together with the children, and we enjoyed the creativity and the children’s joy. Thanks indeed to Violeta and Konzum!”

“We are very happy and surprised that we are among the happy winners. We have not expected a reward, and therefore our joy is even greater. We can use the money very well to invest in our kindergarten and to decorate the rooms where our kids stay. A sincere thank you to Violeta and Konzum”, said kindergarten headmaster Edita Vuković Antolović.

They tell from Violeta and Konzum that this is not the end of their co-operation, they will continue with their activities of positive influence on creating a better and more beautiful environment.