“Be happy about/with the babies”

Baby meeting, Doboj 2016.

The social humanitarian event named “Be happy about/with the babies” was held at Doboj City park on Sunday 11 September 2016. Violeta responded to the meeting as sponsor, supporting this event about the significance and importance of the family as the basic unit of society. The whole afternoon programme was rich in excitement and apposite cultural and artistic expressions.

Violeta presented itself as the organiser of the always exciting “Baby race”. The babies winners were awarded with Violeta gift packages. We also awarded the youngest baby at the meeting, the oldest one, and the baby with most siblings in the family with a gift package. Other present visitors were endowed samples of the new baby diapers Violeta double care diapers, air dry technology and baby wet wipes. Children’s laughter filled the park, to everybody’s happiness. Violeta continues to make children happy!

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