Announcement of kindergarten winners - Konzum and Violeta loyalty

Dear ones, we present the results of the loyalty activity VIOLETA and KONZUM BiH donate to kindergartens.

Under the slogan “Let’s make children’s life in kindergartens more beautiful” and based on received creative videos and photographs from kindergarten in BiH, the aim was to award the three best works with equipment and decoration.

Delighted with the received works we decided to add three more kindergartens to the winning fond, and to reward all other kindergartens with a gift package.

It is a pleasure to announce the happy winners:

GIFT CARD in an amount of 1,000 KM
1. Dječji vrtić Sveta obitelj, Sarajevo
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwJy2XvSnE0
2. Dječji vrtić don Ivica Čondrić, Žepče
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS_gLvbDsIM
3. Dječji vrtić Miki Maus, Banja Luka
Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pu2qe4ps1eniyv2/AABcdeCA2SfiLHJYTW4xqZ0Ba?dl=0

GIFT CARD in an amount of 500 KM
4. Vrtić Mašin svijet, Istočno Sarajevo
5. Dječji vrtić Pčelica, Zenica
6. Dječji vrtić Bajka, Posušje

We award all other participants with a Teta Violeta gift package
- Vrtić Tom&Jerry, Sarajevo
- Dječji vrtić Mladost Butmir, Sarajevo
- Dječji vrtić Čitluk
- Dječji vrtić Ciciban, Mostar
- Dječji vrtić Konjic
- JU "Dječji vrtić" Bosanski Petrovac
- Obdanište Aladin, Tuzla
- Dječji vrtić Poletarac, Srebrenica
- Obdanište "Radost" Zenica
- Dječji vrtić Vratite nam osmijeh, Istočno Sarajevo
- Dječji vrtić Bubamara, Pale Sarajevo.

Winners will soon be contacted by Violeta’s representatives.

We thank all kindergartens for participating and congratulate on the won prizes!

Your Violeta