Sweepstake Violeta and Robot “10 reasons for Teta Violeta”

The sweepstake takes place from 1 September to 30 September 2016 at all ROBOT points of sale in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order to participate in the sweepstake it is necessary to buy one of the Teta Violeta products laundry detergent, fabric softener and dishwashing detergent during the duration of the sweepstake.

All buyers who purchase the mentioned product in the mentioned period of time, and as proof of purchase put the invoice with their personal data (name and surname, address and phone number) into the provided box at the sales place, can take part.

By taking part in the sweepstake you can win valuable prizes.

The sweepstake fund consists of:
• 10 x Electrolux iron with base
• 50 x Set of vacuum storage bags
• 50 x laundry basket

Public drawing of winners will take place 20 October 2016 at Robot sales point Bišće polje bb, Mostar at 12 o’clock for FBiH and at 2 p.m. for RS.
A tripartite Commission will supervise the drawing of winners and keep the minutes.

Only invoices with correctly filled in data take part at the drawing.

Names of all winners will be published within 8 days from drawing at the internet page www.violeta.com.

Note: The sweepstake fund is divided into FBiH and RS:
For FBiH: 7x Electrolux iron with base, 35x Set of vacuum storage bags, 35x Laundry basket
RS: 3x Electrolux iron with base, 15x Set of vacuum storage bags, 15x Laundry basket