5th Bicycle race in the city of Tuzla and Violeta

The fifth bicycle race in Tuzla took place 28. August 2016 with Violeta’s support as main sponsor, organised by JKP “Saobraćaj i komunikacije - Tuzla” d.o.o., M-bike Shop and BK “Tuzla”.

More than 2.000 registered cyclists of all ages took part.

The cyclists drove a 14 km route: Stupine – Hotel Tuzla – Dom Penzionera – SKPC ”Mejdan” – BKC – Miladije – Siporex – Solana – Irac – Skver – salt lakes "Panonika” – Brčanska Malta - Stupine.

The aim of organising this event is getting more people to cycle for recreation and to animate citizens in order to increase the awareness about the importance and significance of cycling for health; we can declare that, with Violeta’s help, this was done successfully in Tuzla.

The attached photographs attest this. Take a look!