New from Violeta -Happiness limited edition collection of fabric softeners

We left the scent creation to French perfumers, and the look of the package to domestic consumers.

We are preparing a new, unique collection of limited edition fabric softeners for you- Happiness. It is about a really special product, because our consumers, together with us, took part in the creation of these limited edition fabric softeners.

The whole story began with the creative contest "Come up with a new Teta Violeta fabric softener" through our Facebook site. Participants could send their suggestions concerning the look and colour of the package, they could suggest the scent and the name of the new fabric softener. Due to large interest and response, we have chosen five finalists for the short list, who gave their best to elaborate their ideas in addition. In cooperation with colleagues from the lab, the sales department and the department for design, we have chosen the best creative solution.

The winning design was sent in by Ivana Degirmendžić, and the result of this cooperation can soon be seen on shopping centres’ shelves as Happiness limited edition collection of fabric softeners, the turquoise Pure Love and the pink Sweet impulse fabric softener. We created the package according to the winning suggestion, French perfumers helped us to create new scents that take you to a more beautiful world right away, where good mood never ends.

The perfume fabric softeners are characterised by an intense and long lasting scent. Besides, they are inspired by love, because they reflect what buyers want and therefore they for sure will not leave you impassive.

Thanks to everyone who helped creating this new collection of fabric softeners by participating, we are pleased that you became part of or creative process. We are further on here for you to create new happy moments together.