International women's club Zagreb visiting Violeta

The International women's club Zagreb is an institution that exists for 23 years and whose primary mission is to promote and present Croatia, as well as to make the socialisation of its members easier after they arrive in Croatia. Namely, the club gathers foreign women who spend time in Croatia for different reasons, they are ambassadors, ambassadors' wives, businesswomen or businessmen's wives or women-foreigners who reside in Croatia. The official language of the club is English. At the moment there are more than 220 members from 52 countries.
The activities of the club are to present cultural, historical and economic subjects, to indicate areas that are maybe less emphasised as attractive destinations. So this time the decision was to visit the Zelin area and Violeta's plant as an economic subject whose products are used and known by some of the members, but also due to the cooperation in humanitarian projects within the last two years.
The club also acts in a humanitarian way, and within its years of existence it has raised more than 6.000.000 HRK help for the most needy institutions in Croatia.
24 ladies visited our plants in Sv. Helena on 24 May 2016. They come from Colombia, France, Great Britain, Australia, the USA, Croatia, Israel, Germany, Greece, Brazil, Malta, the Caribbean Islands, Sweden, Venezuela, Bolivia, Russia, the Netherlands and New Zealand.