Violeta bestows 100 yearly supplies of diapers and baby wipes

The giveaway takes place from May 1st 2016 to June 15th 2016 at dm shops within the Republic of Croatia.
In order to take part in the giveaway, it is necessary to buy a minimum of 1 package of Violeta Double Care baby diapers at any dm shop in Croatia within the period of this giveaway. You have to register the invoice number by sending an SMS:
VIOLETA, invoice number, name and last name, address (street, place and postal code) to 60221. Price of a text message is 2,40 kn, VAT included.
Please keep the original invoice, as a proof of purchase, till the end of the giveaway, and show it on demand when taking the prize over. Every participant can enter the giveaway an unlimited number of times with different invoice numbers. Each invoice can only be used once. In case that the same invoice number is sent in again by the same or another person (from the same or another mobile phone), that registration will be regarded invalid.
The prizes are:
-100 × a year’s supply of baby diapers and wipes - 25 jumbo packages of baby diapers and 25 packages of baby wipes (100 winners)
Winners will be drawn June 15th 2016, at Violeta's headquarters. 100 winners will be drawn.
Within 8 days from the drawing the names of all winners will be published on the following website www.violeta.com
A cash reimbursement is not possible. Winners will be informed about their prize within 8 days from the drawing. Winners have to take their prize over within 30 days from the day of receiving a notice about the won prize, with presenting their identity document.
If winners do not take their prize over within this period, they will be informed again and can take their prize over within 15 days from the additional notice. If the winner is not in position to take the prize over personally, he or she can authorise someone to take it over, also by presenting their identity document. If the winner is underage the prize can be taken over by the parents or legal guardians by presenting the respective documentation. By taking part in this giveaway, you agree that, if you win prizes, your personal data; name, surname, address, picture and similar can be used in promotional purposes by Violeta without any pay and prior permission of the winner, and that these can be published in printed, audio, picture or video materials.
Decision of the Treasury department:
CLASS: UP/I-460-02/16-01/276
Delivery No.: 513-07-21-01/16-3
Zagreb, April 26th 2016.