Violeta and Bingo fighting together against breast cancer

By buying Violeta products at Bingo centres buyers could help women suffering from breast cancer. In this humanitarian action money for mammography examinations in rural areas was raised. On April 28th 2016 representatives of Violeta and Bingo attended examinations in the village Brnjić near Kakanj and handed over a bank check in the amount of 7.500 KM for the Women Health Education Project and the "Race for Cure" event. With the donated amount we support the examination of more than 200 people, whereby we save lives.
The mentioned organisation fights breast cancer, and one of their activities is the world known Race for cure. In October last year the Race for cure took place in Sarajevo with participants from 30 towns, supported by embassy representatives, government and public persons. Some of the towns are Zenica, Zavidovići, Široki Brijeg, Hadžići, Jajce, Bužim, Bihać, Mostar, Banja Luka, Goražde, Livno, Cazin, Višegrad, Orašje, Kakanj, Visoko, Tuzla, Bugojno, Gradiška, Kiseljak, Istočno Sarajevo, Brčko and others.
Breast cancer is the most frequent harmfully cancerous disease in women, therefore we are satisfied that funds raised in this action will help to prevent the emergence of the illness for the common good.
"It is very important to raise consciousness of the importance of mammographs, especially in rural areas, where a mammography unit isn't available to women. Therefore Violeta supports such examinations in order to in time save lives from this harmfully cancerous disease. " said Merima Grizić, head of Violeta's branch office in Vitez.
Nela Hasić, regional director of Women Health Education Programme expressed her gratitude towards the companies that recognised the importance of examinations in rural areas: "Thanks to this donation, more than 200 people will have a free mammography, sugar and pressure measurement, as well as education on women's health. Also, some locations also offer Pap tests, as well as bone density measurement. It is important to stress that we always are in rural areas where a mammography unit isn't available and for most women this is their first mammography. We are thankful to Violeta and Bingo for this generous donation which will help that as many as possible women get a mammography and to raise the consciousness of the importance of preventive examinations.“
„Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of early death in women, but every new revolutionary discovery reduces the number of women in danger of this malignant illness. With this project we wish to provide free mammographies for women in rural areas, as only timely prevention can be a protection." said Amna Džambić, representative of the company Bingo doo Tuzla.