Globetrotter Goran Milić visited Violeta

The world-famous traveller Goran Milić is continuing his tour in Herzegovina these days, giving the public platform "Chronicles of a globetrotter", in cooperation with the magazine "Vedrina" and MC Terra. On February 12th Mr Milić visited the new Violeta factory of detergents and fabric softeners on February within this platform.

During the visit to the factory Goran told us that it was a pleasure to visit one of the biggest producers of hygiene products in the region, the most modern technology, that has been installed in this factory, and that Violeta as such should be a sample for many domestic but also for foreign corporations. In conversation with Mr Milić he unveiled that he is also a satisfied user of Violeta products.

After the visit to the factory the owner of Violeta, Mr Petar Ćorluka, took Goran to the retirement home "Vita", where he had the chance to spend time with the carers, who welcomed him with excitement, and he had the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful homes in the region.

After the visit to the factory Mr Milić together with the presenter Ilko Barbarić held a public platform at the hotel Otok in Grude, where they talked about modern society topics.

Main sponsors of this event are Violeta and Wine-cellar Povratak, who made this event possible. During the platform there were pleasant surprises for the guests and interesting stories by the well-known reporter Goran Milić.