Violeta and Bingo donated baby cots to the maternity wards in Bijeljina and Orašje

Within the loyalty programme in the retail chains Bingo in the period from October 1st 2015 to November 31st 2015 buyers had the chance to receive Violeta gift packages by buying Violeta double care diapers. Violeta's representative Edita Salkanović and Bingo's representative Amna Džambić donated to each the hospital Sveti Vračevi in Bijeljina and the Cantonal hospital in Orašje for the department of gynaecology and obstetrics four baby cots for newborns. Special thank for the donation in Orašje was given to Bingo's executive director for business operation Mr Edin Ibrahimović and the representatives of Violeta by the employees of the department for gynaecology and obstetrics.

The representative of Violeta Edita Salkanović said on this occasion: "I would like to thank Bingo as our domestic partner with whom we managed to realise this donation, also to all the others who took part in this event. We are happy due to the fact that we are in position to help in this way and donate means to those who need them most. I think that every company has the obligation to help social communities for the purpose of mutual cooperation and an overall satisfaction and progress." Doctor Amer Hamamdžić and chief nurse Janja Damjanović attended the allocation and thanked everyone who made this donation possible .

All collected means have been donated for the purchase of baby cots, by which Violeta and Bingo once more have shown their social responsibility and care for the youngest. This is one project in a sequence of projects planned to be achieved by these two domestic brands in order to contribute to the whole social community.