Press release–Premier of the new TV spot

Grude, 28 October 2015
With Violeta everything is easier and more relaxed
A regional leader in production of the premium hygienic products and one of the most successful BiH companies Violeta made a new corporative TV spot. Celebrating life, with a Saša Lošić’s song- the front-man of the legendary Sarajevo band Blue Orchestra, the spot shows why all of us love and gladly use this domestic brand. “ We are continuously listening to our market’s needs and we are creating specialties and innovations. Each Violeta’s product is created upon customer’s wishes since “WE ARE CREATING TOGETHER”, says Edo Numić, Violeta’s Marketing Director. Numić also adds that Violeta is an integral part of our everyday life, and that it brings people together : “ We know that a grandma and grandchildren have the same favourite brand, but the rest of the family may also find something for themselves from our rich product range. Using kitchen towels or dishwashing detergent the whole family takes part in small household chores which are making them closer. They are all together and something beautiful is happening. Such scenes have marked the spot, telling us that with Violeta everything is easier, more relaxed and merrier.”
Sarajevo’s agency FABRIKA is responsible for the creative concept and production of the spot. The spot with relaxing and optimistic song by Saša Lošić, excellent composer of pop, ethno, film, theatre and music for TV series, demonstrates small things on which we do not pay attention, but without which we cannot live a happy life. There are numerous successful projects made by the Agency FABRIKA and popular Loša and this time they have put their heads together working on this project for Violeta.
Video-spot “Creating Together” will be broadcasted on TV from 2 November, and until then you may follow all our activities on social networks and the Internet web-site: www.Violeta.com