New plant of detergents and baby diapers factory "Violeta" set to work

In presence of the Presidency of BiH, businesspeople, media representatives and numerous guests from the public, political and cultural life of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, a new plant of liquid detergents and baby diapers factory "Violeta" was set to work in Grude today.
The newly opened factory "Violeta" was solemnly set to work by Mladen Ivanić, Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
On this occasion Ivanič, among other things, said: "Is is an exceptional honour for me to set this plant to work, where the newest technological achievements are interwoven, that will enter the European markets through our country. However, for us, which we live here, the most important fact is that this factory will in its very beginning ensure the future for many families."