"Violeta Family Day" in Montenegro

On Saturday, 9th May, a "Family day" was held in organisation of the non-governmental organisation "Dječiji edukativni centar/Children's educational centre", Mall of Montenegro and Nall doo, in the shopping centre Mall of Montenegro in the city of Podgorica.

A great number of parents, babies and children of all age groups gathered. The visitors had, besides many presents, the opportunity to enjoy the fun content and different competitions.

Violeta had prepared presents for all babies who took part in the competitions. For babies who can walk but still use diapers, races in baby walkers and carry-the ball races have been organised. Daddies in action showed their diapering skills.

The event's goal was to gather all family members in an all-day programme and activities and to stimulate their interaction and joint spending of free time.

Check our photo gallery for parts of the good and positive atmosphere from "Family day".