Violeta & Arena Centar Zagreb - together for the correct care of your baby

Baby's skin is extremely delicate and sensitive and needs regular and correct care, but most of all it needs to be kept clean and dry. Therefore Violeta decided to offer all visitors of the shopping centre Arena Zagreb the possibility to protect their baby while shopping or strolling around.

A cosy and cheerful ambience was created in three rooms, where besides an intimate space for breastfeeding and diapering, Violeta has prepared Double Care baby diapers and wipes as a present for every visitor. So, even in a situation when you are not prepared, you can count on a safe Violeta corner.

The baby rooms are located as follows:
- Ground floor, entrance Dalmacija
- 1st floor, entrance Istra
- 1st floor, central part at Food Court
Take a look what it looks like in our photo gallery.