Rewarded lyrics 2014

Our dear mothers!
This year Violeta rewards your efforts again. Throughout the last year we received your letters together with the coupons you received in the maternity wards together with the first Violeta gift package for your baby.

Violeta has chosen 100 happy gift winners. We decided to give the first 15 a special gift package as thanks for taking some time and writing beautiful lyrics about Violeta diapers.

The selected lyrics will be published on our website and our Facebook-site.

The award for the top 15 winners consists of a jumbo package of children's diapers, baby wet wipes, wet toilet paper, Intimo wet wipes and peeling wipes. 
The remaining 85 winners will receive a standard package of children's diapers and baby wet wipes as a gift.

Violeta representatives will contact the winners about the take-over of the awards within the next days. Expect our call.
We wish the babies and the mothers everything best for 2015.

Your Violeta