Violeta toilet paper best price-quality ratio

In a research about the price-quality ratio Best Buy Award, the examinees evaluated that Violeta offers the best price-quality ratio in the category toilet paper in the Croatian market.

A research by Best Buy Award Croatia Lady Survey shows that the examinees, only women in Croatia, give most votes for the price-quality ratio to Violeta's toilet paper.

The above mentioned is the result of the research concerned by Best Buy Award Croatia Lady 2014/2015 of the Swiss organization ICERTIAS conducted with 1.200 sampled women older than 15 years.

The interviewed women from the Republic of Croatia have been asked the following question using a web questionnaire form:
"Name the producer that is the supplier of toilet paper that, according to your personal experience and opinion, offers the best price-quality ratio at the Croatian market:"

Most of the interviewed women answered this question with: "Violeta".

The questions were open-ended, i.e. the examinees were not offered a choice of responses, but they could freely state the names of products and service providers that, based on their experiences, offered the best price-quality ratio on the Croatian market.
The Best Buy Award Lady Survey 2014/2015 research study WAS conducted according to the provisions of the "International Codex for the Implementation of Market and Social Research", which were adopted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the European Association of Research Experts (ESOMAR).
Thanks to this achieved position, Violeta has the right to bear the prestigious mark
"Best Buy Award - Nr. 1 best price-quality ratio in the category toilet paper.