Students from the Burch University visiting Violeta

On Monday 22nd December students from the Burch University, together with their dean Prof. Dr. Teoman Duman and Professor Edin Smajić visited Violeta's headquarters in Grude and the two factories for the production of hygiene products. It is a practice of the University to organize a visit to one of the most successful companies in BiH every semester, for the students to better understand the theoretical part they have learned during lectures. By visiting Violeta students received information about the company itself, its business and future projects. Visiting the factories they got familiar with the production process, used materials and the process of product quality control.

They were among the first to visit the new-built factory for liquid detergents and see the most modern technology installed in the factory, which was developed in cooperation with world-famous equipment producers.
The students thanked for the opportunity to see the production of sanitary napkins, baby diapers, wet wipes and other products from the product range live.