Violeta's employees continue to help flood victims

Violeta's employees continue to help the flood victims with another action. Beside the already created fond of one million KM, they gave one part of their salary and gathered a total of 42.000 KM.

The care about the victims will be a necessity for a longer time, until the complete reconstruction of the damages.
In the first relief, about 20 days ago, 28.350 KM out of the above amount have been given to families in Domaljevac, Željezno Polje and Gunja.
With a direct visit of the victims and a direct aid relief Violeta takes care that this aid is used in the most effective way.
The representative of Violeta's employees, Mr. Jerko Braćić, allotted the second part of material help.
Help was allotted to families from Šamac and Doboj.

Families from Šamac:

a) Family of Vlado Stević

b) Family of Slaviša Ružić

c) Family of Velibor Pašalić

Families from Doboj:

a) Family of Ećusmajilović Ajša

b) Family of Rade Paljić

c) Family of Edin Hasanamidžić,

The action will be continued.