Violeta's employees help flood victims

Violeta's employees self-initiatively decided to collect help for the flood victims in BiH, Croatia and Serbia. They gave a part of their salary to help the victims.
Representative of Violeta's employees, Mr. Jerko Braćić, visited the flooded areas and found families that needed the help most.

The first amount of aid was assigned to the following families:

• Jusufović, Tutnić and Redžić from Željezno Polje

• Lucić and Koturić from Domaljevac

In Croatia, aid was assigned to these families:

• Kandrać, Djedović and Nikolić from Gunja

Families that received aid could not blink back tears, they were full of gratefulness towards the people who helped them unselfishly.
Violeta does not stop with this human action, but continues to help the flood victims.