On 8th July 2014 at the public square in Zadar there was a promotion of the association Palčići.
Palčići are, namely, premature born children. Every child born before the completed 37th week of pregnancy is regarded as a premature born child or preterm newborn. Depending on how long the child was born before the expected date of delivery, different developmental disorders arise.

Some premature born children only need a few days in the incubator in order for the undeveloped organs to develop, while with others the development and recovering even takes some years.

The association "Palčići", together with sponsors, and of course Violeta, helps premature born children and their parents.
Anyway, there are premature born children everywhere around us.

Today we had wonderful company in Zadar with the brave parents and children, members of the association.

Many citizens helped the association by buying T-shirts, badges and by donations.
Violeta as sponsor of the association gave presents to all those who supported the work of the association in any way.
The whole event was followed by Vox television and the press.

We are happy to have been part of this meeting.
We wish the Association Palčići a lot of success and happiness, many happy endings that is beginnings.
Of course, thumps up high ("Palčić" can be translated as thumb") and see you at the soon meetings in Split, Šibenik and Makarska.