Due to the newly arisen situation in the country and the region, caused by a once-in-a-hundred-years-flood, the company Violeta from Grade has founded a Help-fund to support the victims, where means in an amount of 1.000.000 KM have been ensured. The means will be directed to the affected areas in BiH, Croatia and Serbia.

Violeta's partners also joined the action, but also its employees, who decide to give one part of their income i order to help the most endangered ones.
President of the board of directors, Petard Ćorluka, said that help the most endangered ones is the current priority, and that this is a chance to establish a more human and better organized society.

"I am sure that we all will get out of this situation as winners" - said Ćorluka.

In cooperation with the Red Cross, Meramec, Caritas, The Serbian Orthodox Church and other humanitarian organizations and institutions, Violeta was among the first ones to help the victims, and has already delivered donations of hygiene products and food worth 210.000 KM.

Up to now this is one of the largest donations made by a private owned company to help the victims of these catastrophic floods.

Also, this is one more indicator how much Herzegovina has become sensitive for the disaster that happened in most of Bosnia, where hundreds of thousands are directly concerned.

It is expected that these actions will motivate others to continue with aid actions in order to help the flood victims.

Source: Večernji list