New Violeta Baby Facebook Page

Since the beginning of June 2013., Violeta launched fan page Violeta Baby https://www.facebook.com/violetababycare?ref=nf at the most popular social network Facebook

After the extreme success of the site Teta Violeta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teta-Violeta/156963351043942 ), which has been nominated for several times for Best BH Facebook page and with over 20,000 members in this moment, and with the beginning of the marketing campaign for news in the children's program in Violeta, logical sequence was to run the site specialized for babies. This FB page too, just a few days after the launch breaks all the records; the site already has over 13,000 members.
The page contains a wealth of useful information about parenting, baby care, nutrition and education. With entertaining content, Violeta Baby will monitor pregnancy weeks too, but also describe the world as seen from a baby’s point of view. Dads are not left out – there is also a space for the proud fathers on this Facebook page. The site is designed as a useful "manual" with all the interesting, daily information related to parenting and children. The concept will certainly include contests for the members and the target of Violeta group is to, in addition to education and entertainment through social networks, encourage two-way communication with its customers, striving to improve and expand the range of products for this narrow target group according to the customers’ suggestions.